Skyris - Who We Are

Filling the need for qualified, small business solutions in today's marketplace

When Skyris was formed in 2010, large business acquisitions of small businesses left a void in the marketplace for qualified small business concerns that could meet or exceed the Government's critical mission requirements. Skyris' founders set out to address that need by forming a company that could attract high-end talent while still delivering cost effective solutions tailored to the customer's specific needs.

Attracting the best talent while remaining cost competitive

Skyris' founders recognized that many experts prefer the flexibility and personal touch of a small business employer. We crafted our benefits and compensation packages to attract seasoned experts and ambitious talented rising stars in our industry. At the same time, our corporate structure was designed to keep overhead and G&A costs very low. Through outsourcing of accounting and payroll services, we are able to provide the same cost, accounting and contracts operations support to our employees and customers as a large business, without incurring the cost of dedicated back office staff. This frees up our managers to manage our contracts and our people, while keeping the cost to our customers low. Our direct charge employees are focused on one thing - the mission - and not corporate meetings and unrelated commitments. We have created an environment where our scientists, analysts, and engineers are left to do their jobs, while the support they need from our corporate office is there when they need it.

Skyris is a qualified, Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)