GEOINT Analysis


Geospatial Analysis

Skyris Geospatial Analysts apply their expertise of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), to derive graphical and statistical representations of people places, times, and events. This data is incorporated with data collected from several intelligence disciplines to build robust and high value spatio-temporal GEOINT products.

Imagery Analysis

Skyris Imagery Analysts provide expertise in the exploitation of data derived from airborne and spaceborne remote sensing systems. They combine analytical data, from a wide variety of sources, with imagery findings to create detailed intelligence products address critical intelligence issues.

Cartographic Services 

Skyris Cartographic experts acquire, analyze, evaluate, extract and compile geospatial information as feature and terrain data from selected source materials. They utilize photogrammetric techniques to achieve an accurate cartographic representation of a specific area at a specific scale for digital data and geospatial data from imagery, intelligence database, and various ancillary sources in support of national security goals and strategies. Skyris cartographers also utilize an understanding of geography, remote sensing, spatial analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), intelligence issues, and social and physical sciences to create information, characterize events, and discover relationships and trends.  They attribute, exploit, extract, format, manipulate, position, and symbolize geospatial information.

Regional Analysis/Human Geography 

Skyris Regional Analysts/Human Geographers analyze the interconnections between people and places, including the spatial and temporal patterns of human activities in the context of the environment.  Our Human Geographers develop and implement the processes to incorporate human geography data and analysis in order to expand the understanding of the human dimension impacting intelligence issues. Our analysts enable greater understanding and awareness of the cultural, linguistic, and human geography context within our foundational content.

GEOINT and All-Source Collection Management 

Skyris Collection Managers coordinate intelligence collection as an enterprise and develop in-depth, multi-source collection strategies and postures to address critical intelligence gaps against worldwide terrorist networks. They process or draft information needs and monitor daily reporting to identify intelligence targets, threat streams, and sources to assess current collection and opportunities to improve collection on both the tactical and strategic level. They assist to develop recommendations for how to collect accurate and timely intelligence data and collaborate with partners to develop specific strategies that address the most critical intelligence gaps. Our Collection Managers develop, plan, coordinate, and implement strategic collection strategies and provide collection strategy expertise in intelligence community forums and exercises.

Data/Statistical Science

Skyris Data Scientists develop and apply methods to identify, collect, process, and analyze large volumes of data to build and enhance GEOINT products, processes, and systems. They conduct data mining and retrieval, and apply statistical and mathematical analyses to identify trends, solve analytical problems, optimize performance, and gather intelligence. They visualize information using a range of tools, develop scripts and algorithms, create explanatory and predictive models, and conduct comparative analyses to address complex military and intelligence problems.

Toponomy and Language Services 

Skyris Toponymists apply expertise in foreign languages and romanization policies to research and analyze sources containing foreign geographic names information, make policy recommendations for the standardization of foreign geographic names. They monitor various areas of interest for administrative, political, and infrastructure changes to maintain product currency.